How to make a cigars prank joke tobacco cigar fake

Hello friends, in this article we are going to make a joke cigar, looking like a joint.

If your printer prints in color, you basically don't have to do much. Since the template is edited to be printed, cut out and pasted. But as in my case, the printer is in black and white, you will have to use the markers mentioned in the list below.

To do this project we will need these materials:
- Template that you can download at the link below
- Blank paper
- Light yellow marker
- Light brown marker pen
- Black marker
- Red marker
- Scissors
- Glue stick
- A piece of aluminum foil

You can download the PDF template here

The first thing you have to do is cut the template along the indicated edge.

Then you make a cone out of the blank paper. Its size must be DIN-A4, so that we do not have problems when it comes to enhancing it.

Then we tape the cone, to prevent it from opening. Then we cut it to the size of the template.

Now with the glue, we glue the template to the cone. We have to center it well, to avoid that the union of beginning and end of the template is distorted.

Now if you have printed in black and white you will have to color the cigar or joint.

With the piece of aluminum foil we will make the tip of the cigar. Giving it with the black and red color the realistic details.

And again with the stick glue, we will stick the aluminum foil with the cigar.

If everything went well, you must have had something like that.

Anyway I leave you the tutorial video of how I did it. That surely serves you much more.

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